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February 21, 2018
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Being on social media and having thousands of followers means that I get the haters coming out to get me.  This is what I wrote to them:

To My Haters.

I see you!

The purpose of my business (yes it’s a business) is to show women how to change their relationship with food. One of the ways I do this is via my online program, The Rubicon Project.

I offer it on this page, in my private Facebook group and to my email list. Yet every time I offer this opportunity, the haters come out.
Women who tell me things like:

  • It’s wrong the way you’re trying to make money from vulnerable women!
  • Why should I have to pay, it should be free!
  • You’re just as bad as the diet industry!

A few years ago, when I started my business (yes, it’s a business) these comments would have completely flattened me. I was so worried about pleasing EVERYONE that I would have been shattered and spent days agonising over these comments. Perhaps I would have even given up on my quest to bring the diet industry to its knees.

Now I am braver to boldly plant my flag in the sand and say what I know to be true.  Here’s what I know.

Dieting destroys women. Those who have completed The Rubicon Project say things like:

  • I am now confident in my food choices and I am never dieting again!
  • For the first time in 40 years I am comfortable about food & me and I can move on being happy!
  • It feels like freedom. I can eat what I want and guilt never comes into it anymore!

Amazing hey? I am continually blown away by what happens when women stop dieting and STOP being afraid of food. Making peace with food, sorting out your food shiz is so powerful and it’s so important. It will literally change your life.

But I’m not here to justify my existence or the existence of Real Food Real You although I am asking you to justify yours. If the idea of me offering programs offends or angers you, that’s fine. Part of being a change maker (yes, I am! ) is knowing that I can’t please everyone all of the time. If my message about loving food and loving life makes you feel uncomfortable then you’re free to leave. Though before you go, take a moment to ask yourself WHY it makes you uncomfortable.

Meanwhile I’ll be staying here offering women the opportunity to step off the diet roller coaster and step into loving food and loving life. At the same time I’ll continue to show my two daughters that women don’t have to fear food and that it’s possible to run a successful business doing something you love while changing the world.

Did you hear that haters, CHANGING THE WORLD.


So, there you have it – my heartfelt rant to the world.  I hope it brings about positive change.

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