The Rubicon Project

Are you ready to finally feel GOOD about food (and your body)?

Let me guess...
  • You’re sick of feeling the food guilt every time you indulge in a little bit of what you fancy.
  • You’re sick of feeling so disgusted by the way you look (and feel).
  • You’re sick of using food as a tool to improve your mood.
  • You’re sick feeling so out of control – especially on the days you dare to eat out.
  • You’re sick of every false promise that fails to deliver the body of your dreams.

What if it didn’t have to be this way?

What if you could finally say “enough is enough”?

Hi, I’m Kate, the founder of Real Food, Real You, and creator of The Rubicon Project.
I’ve been where you are. I know exactly what it’s like to be unhappy, and overweight, hating on my body and believing weight-loss is the golden ticket to success.
I understand the grief that comes with diet, after diet, after diet. I started my business because seeing women struggle with dieting, and food, and body image… well, it broke my heart.

Here's a crazy idea that may break your brain - weight loss is not the meaning of life. It will not give you the confidence you crave. It will not bring your mojo back.

I truly love food, and not in a green smoothie, almond-activating glowing wellness warrior kind of way. I enjoy preparing nourishing meals for my family, and teaching my 3 kids to have a healthy relationship with food. Most of all, I love helping women to get out of diet city and into enjoying food. I believe food should make you happy. I want you to believe it too

Fall back in love with food, your self and your future.

The Rubicon Project. will show you how

" I knew I wanted to have a different relationship with food and with my self image but I had no idea how to get there. No book or therapy session has addressed it in such a practical way as The Rubicon Project."

So what is The Rubicon Project?

The Rubicon Project is your one-stop system for understanding food. Real food.

During this online program you will:
  • Rediscover a positive relationship with food and cooking.
  • Banish lingering food obsessions, habits, and hang-ups.
  • Cut ties with every fad diet and horrid-tasting supplement you’ve tried.
  • Learn how to make better choices for your health and happiness.
This is not for you if you’re looking for a quick fix. This is not your way to get your summer bod sorted fast. This is about transforming your life. For real.
"I took a chance and signed up for the Rubicon Project. I wasn’t expecting it to work because nothing else I had done had ever worked. But almost instantly I felt a change towards food and my attitude towards my body."

What you’ll get…

As soon as you join the program you’ll be granted access to our exclusive Facebook community, filled with inspired women on the same journey as you. This will be your spot for support, motivation, and direct connection to me, whenever you need me. Each week you will also be invited to a live Q&A session, and a live training, on the following topics:

Module 1: Food Memories and Forgiveness

Together we will uncover your food story and shed light on how it’s holding you back from feeling in sync with your body.

Module 2: Food and Me

We’ll look at your beliefs about food and your beliefs about your own behaviour, and how they work together to keep you overweight (and unhappy).

Module 3: Real Food

We’ll explore the science of “real food”, and you will learn that recognizing and choosing different types of food will transform you, your beliefs and your outlook.

Module 4: Diets

We’ll tap into the very real reasons that they will never work, will never sustain you, and will never make you happy.

Module 5: Listen to Your Body.

We’ll discover how you can listen to the messages your body is sending, so that you can make food choices that will nourish your mind, body, soul, and family.

Module 6: Emotional Eating

We’ll explore the underlying issues that cause you to “eat your feelings”, and face them head on. We’ll also identify your triggers, so that you can figure out how to stop, for the last time.

Module 7: Movement and Body Image

We’ll look at ways to truly accept the body you have. In this final week I’ll also be sharing a few tips for getting your body moving, so that you’ll feel better inside and out.

Change your life today.

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What they're saying.
  • When I think about why I wouldn’t have previously have signed up to something like the Rubicon Project, I will admit that I was worried about the cost, how much time it would take up, and that all the stuff that Kate talks about is just “common sense”. Now I realise that the Rubicon Project was perfect for me because it gave me the space to focus on myself. Yes, some of the things in the Rubicon were common sense, but I have learnt a lot of things about myself that I don’t think I would have learnt otherwise. I spent so much time thinking “I’m fat and ugly” I didn’t have the space to think about anything else.
  • I don't care what the Rubicon Project cost really because I have saved THOUSANDS of dollars going forward. I have probably spent, I dunno, $500 on diet books alone, let alone doing numerous weight loss diets/programs. I've now thrown out all the diets books. I won’t be needing them again. I'm telling you 110% that I will never be on another diet EVER AGAIN.
  • My life has changed since I crossed the Rubicon. The biggest change has been that I have gone back to full time study. It is something that I have wanted to do for a long time but I have always made excuses. In reality, my brain was too clogged up with stress, fear and hatred around my body and food. One of the excuses I actually used was “I’m too fat to study!” Can you believe that? Even a few months on from the Rubicon Project it sounds a bit ridiculous, but that really was what my brain would say! I don’t want any other woman to do to themselves what I have put myself through.
  • Without the Rubicon Project I would have not had the tools and skills to understand my negative relationship with food and my body. I had always assumed it was my fault that I couldn͛t stick to a diet because I was too weak or too lazy, now I know that going on a diet or 28 day detox wouldn͛t never work for me because it doesn͛t align with the REAL ME! The truth for me is hard to express – it’s embarrassing for me to admit that I have hated my body and been totally confused about what I could or could not eat for my whole life. 30 something years of hating on myself. I just wish I had found Kate and Real Food Real You a long time ago.
  • Kate will be totally honest with you – she will tell you that her life isn’t perfect. She yells at her kids and fights with her husband just like the rest of us. But she genuinely wants every single one of us to be happy around food and our bodies. And when that happens, there is so much hope and light in our lives. Kate is a breath of non-judgmental fresh air. 

  • I have really enjoyed being mentored and coached by Kate. She is very authentic and natural. I love that she will not tell you what you want to hear. Sometimes the truth can be hard to admit to, or even really know what the real truth behind a problem was. Kate has truly mastered the art of listening and questioning. It was easy for me to open up to her and share my feelings. I learnt so much from her about listening to my body and being kind to myself.


Frequently Asked Questions
1I’m currently on a diet – is this for me?
Yes! It will be the last diet you sign up to, as this program gives you a more sustainable alternative to dieting
2I have a medically diagnosed food condition that I need support with – is this for me?
No. The Rubicon Project is not designed to be a substitute for medical advice or to support those with specific conditions.
3I have a severe food allergy/intolerance – is this for me?
Possibly. If you already have the appropriate guidance and support for your food allergy/ intolerance then The Rubicon Project can provide you with general food advice.
4I’m pregnant – is this for me?
No. Pregnancy can be a stressful time already and you have enough to concentrate on. Get through the pregnancy then come back to The Rubicon Project
5I’m currently suffering from an eating disorder – is this for me?
No. Please seek help from a qualified medical professional.
6I’m an eating disorder survivor – is this for me?
Yes. The Rubicon Project can further guide you to healing your relationship with food and with your body.
7I’m considering weight loss surgery - is this for me?
Yes! It would be fabulous to heal your emotional relationship with food before you resort to surgery.
8I’ve had weight loss surgery - is this for me?
Yes! The Rubicon Project can further guide you towards healing your relationship with food and with your body.
9Do you offer refunds?
Absolutely. If by the end of Week 2 you are convinced The Rubicon Project is not for you, then you will receive a 100% refund.
10 Do you provide recipes and eating plans to follow?
No. The Rubicon Project will help you avoid the trap of needing to follow complicated eating programs, and instead guide you to a place where you can eat what your body needs, when you need it.
11Will this program help me lose weight?