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When I think about why I wouldn’t have previously have signed up to something like the Rubicon Project, I will admit that I was worried about the cost, how much time it would take up, and that all the stuff that Kate talks about is just “common sense”. Now I realise that the Rubicon Project was perfect for me because it gave me the space to focus on myself. Yes, some of the things in the Rubicon were common sense, but I have learnt a lot of things about myself that I don’t think I would have learnt otherwise. I spent so much time thinking “I’m fat and ugly” I didn’t have the space to think about anything else.

I don't care what the Rubicon Project cost really because I have saved THOUSANDS of dollars going forward. I have probably spent, I dunno, $500 on diet books alone, let alone doing numerous weight loss diets/programs. I've now thrown out all the diets books. I won’t be needing them again. I'm telling you 110% that I will never be on another diet EVER AGAIN.

My life has changed since I crossed the Rubicon. The biggest change has been that I have gone back to full time study. It is something that I have wanted to do for a long time but I have always made excuses. In reality, my brain was too clogged up with stress, fear and hatred around my body and food. One of the excuses I actually used was “I’m too fat to study!” Can you believe that? Even a few months on from the Rubicon Project it sounds a bit ridiculous, but that really was what my brain would say! I don’t want any other woman to do to themselves what I have put myself through.

Without the Rubicon Project I would have not had the tools and skills to understand my negative relationship with food and my body. I had always assumed it was my fault that I couldn͛t stick to a diet because I was too weak or too lazy, now I know that going on a diet or 28 day detox wouldn͛t never work for me because it doesn͛t align with the REAL ME! The truth for me is hard to express – it’s embarrassing for me to admit that I have hated my body and been totally confused about what I could or could not eat for my whole life. 30 something years of hating on myself. I just wish I had found Kate and Real Food Real You a long time ago.

Kate will be totally honest with you – she will tell you that her life isn’t perfect. She yells at her kids and fights with her husband just like the rest of us. But she genuinely wants every single one of us to be happy around food and our bodies. And when that happens, there is so much hope and light in our lives. Kate is a breath of non-judgmental fresh air. 

I have really enjoyed being mentored and coached by Kate. She is very authentic and natural. I love that she will not tell you what you want to hear. Sometimes the truth can be hard to admit to, or even really know what the real truth behind a problem was. Kate has truly mastered the art of listening and questioning. It was easy for me to open up to her and share my feelings. I learnt so much from her about listening to my body and being kind to myself.

I stumbled across Real Food Real You via a friend and I’m so glad I did – the Rubicon Project has been BEYOND MY WILDEST EXPECTATIONS.  I’m just so totally thankful I came across it when I did. I have spent my lifetime dieting and a few months ago I was just at a standstill – totally confused by food and what I should or could or couldn’t eat.  Every new diet that was out there I would try it, hoping that it would be the one that would get me to where I wanted to be. Everything around food have to have rules. One week I would be doing the paleo diet; the next week would be no carbs, then I was onto something else …  I was just searching for the magic pill where someone would suddenly go “TA DAA! This is what you can eat”.  I didn’t want to have to think about it. I was taking no responsibility for my food but just giving it to whatever diet I was on at the time. If I wasn’t on a diet, I felt afraid and unsure – I needed to know the rules, what food I could have, what time, how much, and so on. NOW? I think I weigh more than I have previously (I don’t weight myself anymore) but I’m being simply KIND to myself.  I’m not wasting my time and energy on silly diets that just confuse me and take my power away. Now I have the power. And I’m so much more relaxed and happier because of it. I’m making simple food for myself and my family to enjoy.  I’ve gone back to childhood family favourite recipes and even though there are no “rules” about what I can and can’t eat – I have never been happier.  For me now – food is relaxed and sensible.  The paranoia and fear has gone. I’ve realised how BORING being on a diet is, constantly talking or thinking or shopping for it.  There are so much more important things to spend my energy on and I feel so grateful and happy not to be so consumed by something as inane as a diet! It was easy for me to commit the time to do the Rubicon Project and I found all of the material supplied to be so enlightening, but so SIMPLE too.  That’s why I haven’t had any trouble changing my lifelong habit of dieting to “no dieting” because it really IS simple. Marketing around diets make food sound so complicated and Kate has made me see the beautiful simplicity around food.  I wish I had found this about 20 years ago! I had never had thought about the emotions I had around food – whether it was wanting the ‘rules’ or whether it was a pattern connected to my childhood. In the Rubicon Project, I was able to really be in the space to take stock of where my head was at. But the biggest realisation is that no diet company, or juice cleanse, or gym membership is going to make me be at peace with food or my body.  It IS an inside job and Kate was such a great coach and mentor. Kate would gently question me and was very skilled at getting me to shift and understand emotions that had been holding me back.  She is so very good at what she does. There was a great support system in the Rubicon Project – all strangers that I had never met before, but guess what? We all had very similar stories!  Before I joined the Rubicon Project I thought “No one else can be this confused and tortured by food!” but all of the women in the group totally understood where I was coming from.  My hope is that I can now set a better example around food and body image for my kids and I’m enjoying being so much kinder to myself. To anyone thinking of crossing the Rubicon and becoming a River Goddess I would say go for it.  I worked out that it costs about the same as a month or two of a certain brand of diet, but I know that this will last forever!  Crossing the Rubicon IS confronting and you have to be totally honest with yourself and be ready to move out of your comfort zone.   You have to let go of your judgment and perceptions. It’s really freeing actually – by just doing simple things and being at peace with yourself.  I applaud Kate for what she is doing and 100% recommend the Rubicon Project.

I attended the Body Lovin' Workshop in November 2016.  It didn't happen instantly but it has happened. After being a serial dieter for 20 years it was going to take a bit of convincing that diets are not good. They are no good because they don't work. Kate's fabulous workshop was what got me thinking. She planted the seed in my head and then it took a bit more of my own investigations and learning to be fully convinced. I'm now fully convinced that 2017 is going to be the year of No Diets. Instead I choose a healthy lifestyle to nourish my body from a place of love instead of one of dislike and punishment. I move my body everyday because I enjoy it not because I need to balance out calories consumed. It's so exciting. I feel so free from all the restrictions and stress. I am thinking so much less about food, it's not consuming my every thought like it once did. My shopping lists are fun again, my menu planning is not as stressful and I'm learning to listen more to what my body actually feels like eating. The restrictions are gone and it's a great feeling to be off the shackle and chain. It's only food!!!My husband told me he was starting a diet on Monday, the first in 20 years. He looked very confused when I announced to him that diets don't work! ~ Emma Feb 2017  

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with food.  I’ve gone from extremes of thinking ‘food is just fuel’ to going the full Masterchef – putting so much time & effort into colours, texture, seasoning, presentation oh, and taste, that I would end up taking hours to produce one meal, would be left with a kitchen full of dishes and then, “Mum, I’m hungry…”. Apart from when I marvelled and wallowed in pregnancies, I’ve never had a good relationship with my body. I have learnt so much more from Kate and Real Food Real You, than I could ever have imagined. When I first saw some of her posts on Facebook talking about ‘keeping it simple, get back to basics, just eat real food & get moving’, I thought, ‘finally, some good common sense! It sounds great, but I know all that, I can do that myself’.   But I couldn’t. In my quest for weight loss and the search for being happy with what I see in the mirror, I have bounced from Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Easy Slim, Sure Slim, Blood Group diets, Low Carb, No Carb, … they have all worked for a little bit and then ultimately got too hard and then I stopped.  And then I felt that I had failed. RFRY DOES NOT promise a better, happier, sexier you… but only after you lose 10kg…  Kilos dropped or centimetres lost are not the big deal here. The big deal is that my self- acceptance has finally found its way home to me.  And that food is no longer attached to guilt. It’s that I have learned that the after school McDonalds ‘treat’ for the tween was actually horribly detrimental to the entire family – but most of all the tween itself.   I have learnt that by not buying Maccas that afternoon, I am not depriving said tween of a treat, and that I have not made my life easier by not having to cook her dinner that night – quite the contrary.  The whingy, whiny, sluggish, I-just-feel-horrible-and-I- just-can’t-possibly-do-my-homework meltdown, is no fun for anyone. I will not exercise because I must burn off that chocolate cake, or because I know it’s what I should be doing.  I’ll walk or dance or sing or garden or ride a bike or swim or whatever because I want to, and because I feel better when I do, and I want to feel better.  And this is about me and it’s for me. Kate’s actual scientific - but not in a boring geek way – knowledge of the human body and food along with her passion, knowledge and love of food (but not in a wankery food porn way) means she has taught me stuff in a way that is not confusing and overwhelming. The most important thing that I have finally learnt is that the answer doesn’t come from a diet or a shake or a program.  The answer isn’t in the form of any silver bullet. It’s just within me, and it’s been there the whole time, and now, it will never leave me. Thanks so much Kate.

Maggie Dent

Author, Educator & Parenting Specialist

Kate Tonkin from Real Food Real You speaks a similar voice of common sense that I believe is disappearing in our modern world. The food world is full of fads and diets that simply don’t work and they often feed the guilty voice that chatters endlessly in every woman’s mind. Kate talks great sense about being sensible about our food voices and relaxing and joying the JOY of sharing good food – as close to nature – with family and friends. Keep up the great work Kate!


Kate from Real Food Real has shown me the path to a healthy and happy relationship with food. I enjoy food … I REALLY ENJOY FOOD!! I now know that is ok! It is not wrong, there are no wrong foods. I have the tools now to assist me in this new journey I have with food. Listening to my body is probably the biggest hurdle for me and it will take time. Thanks Kate for this tool.

This course is different

I decided to sign up to Kate's course because I wanted to change the relationship I have with food. Kate is not only a great mentor but her wise approach to food is really inspiring. I have started making changes in my life by making better food choices, not feeling guilty about food and being more active. I've signed up to other programs before but this course is different because Kate is genuinely interested in helping you.

Highly recommended

Kate’s course is highly recommended to those that have a negative relationship with food. Do you have an internal World War IV going on when it comes to food? If the answer is YES then Kate is for you. If you take the course you will learn how you view food, why you view it in a particular way. I personally realised that a lot of my habits came from me as a child viewing endless diets and food being talked about A LOT. I now have the knowledge to ensure my kids also have a good view/relationship about food and their bodies. Thanks Kate!