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September 4, 2017
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September 27, 2017
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It’s been almost a year since I collaborated with some other local businesses on the #embracemidwest photo shoot which culminated in a short film shown on the big screen. You can watch it here!

Although the aim of #embracemidwest was to promote our Geraldton screening of Embrace, the documentary, it became so much bigger and more powerful than that. That day when women got together to talk honestly about our body image struggles really opened my eyes to how important it is that we have an opportunity to do this. (Yes, we also stripped to our underwear for a photo shoot which was all at once terrifying, exhilarating and liberating.)

I was already offering my course locally, but at that moment I knew I had to offer this life changing opportunity to even more women.  And from a cold, rainy day in a small town, the idea of a River Crossing tumbled forth.  A river crossing for women, like you, to know:

  • that you can truly step into your life;
  • that you can know what it is like to not be at war with your body;
  • that you have time and headspace for the important stuff;
  • that you can finally be happy.

Here is the back story: My family farm is called Rubicon, named after an historic event from, well, history.  In 49 BC Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon River in Italy.  It was considered an act of treason and a declaration of war upon the Roman senate.  Effectively he was saying “FU government! I do what I want!”.  And he was rumoured to have said (perhaps he updated his Facebook status?!) “Alea iata est” or “The die is cast”.  I like to think of it as “the dieT is cast away”.   The phrase “crossing the Rubicon” means passing a point of no return, or “once you cross the Rubicon, you can’t ever go back”.  It seemed to me the PERFECT name for my program that will (and does) change lives.

One woman who participated in the Rubicon earlier in the year wrote this in our secret FB group (produced here with her permission):

“Today as I listened to the download of the Monday night group call, I got to thinking about crossing a river with an army behind me. I thought about how we all get caught up in stuff that we allow to consume us and make us feel unhappy, not enough, bad parents, not rich enough, not skinny enough, and on it goes.

I thought about Kate’s farm and the land that I was raised on. And I thought about the people who had been on the land before me.

Did they fight a war against themselves the way that I am fighting against myself?

Short answer is “No way”. They ate, they worked, they cared for their children, they loved their tribe.

Is that the answer for me?

I do believe that in each of us we have two selves. The FAKE self – the one that worries about what other people think, what other people wear while exercising, what vegetables other people’s kids’ eats. And then the TRUE self – the one that is MAGNIFICENT, is capable, and funny, and cheeky, and feminine, and kind, and loving.

And then I got to thinking about this bloody Rubicon River! It feels like hard work. I’m scared. I don’t know if I can do it.

But how will I be my TRUE self if I don’t? Because she is who I really really really really REALLY really want to be.

We have to work to get the TRUE self across the river. The river is not just going to hand us what we need on a Roman-esque plate. The river is going to place obstacles in our way so that we have to work hard to figure out our way around; the river is going to make us fight upstream against our true selves to make it so it appears that the easiest option is to return to the same shore we left from; the river is going to throw branches and debris at us that we have to dodge and dive to avoid.

But when all that work is over? Then we can let the river take us. We can let go of our fake selves, of our judgment, of our expectations, of our fear, of our worry. We can just float and trust and glide along. We can take the time to look at the scenery, look at what we have created, look at what we have in front of us, as we drift past.

And when we get to the other side we can appreciate that Caesar’s army was following along behind us, supporting us, shouting encouragement, telling us when to duck and dive and weave, but it was only us; YOU; ME; that did that work, that made those changes, that shed the shit that wasn’t serving us – only ourselves got us there in the end.

And the old guy in the toga was right. There is no going back.”

Pretty cool huh.  She wrote this when it was Week 6 of the River Crossing on the Rubicon.  I love the imagery but more than that – I love that she was 100% RIGHT: the Rubicon creates a beautiful supportive tribe of women who support each others wins, losses, and ups and downs.  What is the actual truth?  None of us want to be at war with ourselves and our bodies.  So, don’t do it anymore!

I get that this could be the scariest program you have ever contemplated signing up for but I also know it will be to truly transform your life and you wont be hating on yourself any more.

If you sign up for the Rubicon Project then I am totally committed to helping you make peace with your body and food.

Some of the River crossing magic that has happened for women:

  • Starting full time study after years of thinking she was “too fat” to study
  • Stopped a life time of dieting and “will never go on another diet again”
  • Threw scales in the bin because she knows that it is not only a number that will make her ‘truly happy’
  • No longer exercises with the aim of losing weight. She does exercise because she enjoys it and because she loves her body and wants to take care of it
  • No more binge eating.

If you are ready for a change, if you are sick of dieting, if you are tired of hating yourself, then the Rubicon Project is waiting for you.

I know it’s scary but I also know the things we fear are those that have the ability to create the most powerful change in our lives.

So one year on from getting down and semi nude in front of a camera how do I feel?  The truth is I feel amazing. I feel inspired and I feel motivated and I feel like Caesar and I had the right idea – don’t ever go back because it isn’t where you belong.  On the other side of the river is where it is at.  You just have to be brave, be bold and follow your heart.

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