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April 15, 2018
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June 15, 2018
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One of my clients (aka Rubiconettes or River Goddesses) posted this in our private Rubicon Project group. It’s a beautiful story of food and love and connection and doing what makes you happy.

I’m sharing with her permission and my thanks and love.

“It’s school holidays here at the moment.  My daughter (aged 11) had three of her friends over for a “baking day” today and they made this layer cake. In total – 8 layers and over 2kg of sugar, not to mention plenty of food colouring. There is no way I’m going to try and convince anyone that this cake is in any way healthy.

But what was the healthiest part?  They all came together, listened to music, laughed and giggled and chatted and danced their way around the kitchen whilst they baked. When the cakes were cooling and the dishwasher running, they retreated to the lounge room and watched a horror flick! (Can you imagine the noise!).

Then they re-emerged to ice, assemble and decorate this beauty. We cut it on the back deck and all cheered when it worked. It was priceless!  (Worth the mess!)

Not once did I hear a single mention of “Oh I really shouldn’t eat that! I’ll get fat!” or not even “That’s so naughty!”.

They baked a cake, enjoyed their time together, sampled a bit, then they went and played basketball and danced to some more (atrocious) music. A totally fabulous way to finish the school holidays for these year 11 girls!”

Do you have a memory of a special day like this from your childhood?

I believe that food should make you happy.

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