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March 14, 2017
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GERALDTON Body Lovin’ Workshop


EARLY BABE PRICE  $195 (expires 30 September 2017).

Next workshop date: 14 October 2017
Workshop location: Geraldton, Western Australia

The day explores why body image is an issue and gives you real solutions on how to love the skin you’re in. This may be the scariest workshop you’ve ever signed up for but I promise it will be the one to change your life.

Limited to 10 places. Don’t forget your Hair and Make Up Add-on.


“I will tell every woman I know about this life changing workshop!”


“At one point during the day I looked around at all of these beautiful, brave women – and then I realised I WAS ONE OF THEM!”.


“I am definitely a lot calmer. I have a huge weight lifted off my shoulders! I am HAPPY!”.

“When I look in the mirror I’m happier with what I see. I’m not as worried about wrinkles and I see curves where
before I saw fat.
The biggest breakthrough is that I can stand in front of the mirror naked without being horrified and disgusted.
Now I’m just naked and it’s ok. Sometimes changes are slow and they creep up on you.”


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There’s group and individual activities. It is a completely safe, supportive and confidential environment. It is totally up to you what you choose to share and discuss. Most everyone who participates in these workshops experience some nerves and anticipation BUT rest assured we’re going to use those nerves and turn it into strength and power and amazingness!

Then of course the photos! I know it may feel a bit confronting but I also know the power of these photos to transform minds. Our photographer is brilliant and will put you at ease. No-one else watches while you have your photos.

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