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March 22, 2018
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An 8 year old suffering from anorexia
A 12 year old on diet shakes
A 16 year old on a juice fast to fit into a ball dress
A 25 year old obsessed with clean eating
A 30 year old weighing herself daily post baby
A 45 year old who never eats in public
A 50 year old on a diet almost her entire life.

It’s likely you were outraged by the first few lines.

The outrage then likely turned to acceptance. Was that how it was for you?

Please consider these questions seriously:

  1. Take another look – what was the age when your outrage turned to ho hum?
  2. At what age is it OK for females to start worrying about their body, to start dieting and obsessing?
  3. If it’s not acceptable for a child, then why is it acceptable for YOU?


What are your answers?  Does it make you feel a bit icky to realise that once we head into our 20’s it is sort of acceptable and okay to have a diet mentality?

I’m writing a book about how women are being targeted by diet marketing and coerced into eating food that isn’t real food and buying shit products that taste awful and don’t make us happy.

If have anything about these topics to share with me, I would love to hear about it – because it could be the one thing that will change a woman’s life.


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