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June 28, 2018
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Last week I was in Perth and running late.

As I entered on to the freeway the traffic in front was all moving from the right hand lane. Too late I discovered why – one of those big white plastic rubbish bins was smack bang in the middle of the road. I couldn’t do anything except run right over it and the bin ended up getting caught under the bottom of the car. With hazard lights on, swearing on full tilt, I managed to get across to the left and into an emergency stopping lane.

That bin was jammed tight under the car and I couldn’t kick it out or whack it. I cursed my bung shoulder and hunted in the back for a hammer or something to whack it more. Whack it harder.  I couldn’t find any useful tools to hand so my next thought was to flag someone down to help.

I tried my best to look like a feeble helpless female stuck on the side of the road in need of assistance. Not a look I aspire to, and clearly not a look I’ve mastered as car after car sped past.  I was getting grumpier and more frustrated as the minutes ticked by. I was getting later and later.

Then, as per all the stories, the oldest most beat up car, with a dog poking out the back window stopped. The bloke launched into a story of – I don’t know if I can help you as I’m not very handy.

I explained my drama, using lots of hand actions and way more words than necessary.

He took one look at the bin stuck under the car and said – Have you tried reversing?

So I did and the bin was unstuck. Ta da!

Hello lightbulb moment.

I’d got myself so caught up in trying the same thing (whacking it) and caught up in my panic about being late that I couldn’t see any other way to get that bloody bin out.

Sometimes we’re so wound up in our own stories that it’s impossible for us to see a simple solution.

But stepping back (or allowing someone else in) gives us a chance to see that what we’re trying simply isn’t working.

There’s always an easier option.

Most of the women I work with have been whacking that bin for years. They’re looking for the magic diet and keep trying all the tools in the shed – Weight Watchers, Michelle Bridges, Slimming World, LCHF, Herbalife, appetite suppressants. It’s bloody exhausting and takes up a whole lot of headspace and energy. “Every day that I beat myself up and call myself a failure is another day I rob myself of happiness.”

The solution is to reverse up a bit. Take a rest from what you’ve been trying and see if there is another way. (Spoiler alert – there IS another way! It’s making peace with food. Dieting keeps you trapped in an endless fight with food and with your willpower. No wonder you’re exhausted!).

If you’re a little curious about how to live a Diet Free Life then why not join our private FB group. In November 2018 we’re running another live round of DietFree30.

Here is a quick story from a new Diet Free groupie, S:

In support of Kate and to kick things off, here’s my story of my recent dip in the ocean with my doggy!  It was 30C at the coast which is almost unheard of (yeah, I know you Aussies will go “Pah, 30C is chickenfeed!”). I have always wanted to go swimming in the sea with my dog but (a) it’s always too cold and (b) I didn’t want to get my kit off because I thought I looked dreadful. Well this year it was just perfect for sea swimming, and I was there with my dog and I had put my swimmers on under my dress just in case I got brave. And so I did it! Nobody pointed and laughed. Nobody even looked twice and me and my dog had a ball. It felt AMAZING! So thank you, Kate, for all you do for us all and here’s to DietFree’s new start xxx

Just put it in reverse and join us.

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