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August 17, 2017
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Do your kids learn at school that 2×3 equals 6 but you tell them at home not to worry and let’s just make 2×3 equal 5? That sounds crazy doesn’t it? Although sadly it’s exactly what is happening with food and nutrition.

In Australia, the national curriculum sets the learning expectations for all students from kindergarten to year 10. Food and nutrition comes under the learning area of Health & Physical Education and the curriculum states  “The content supports students to develop knowledge, understanding and skills to make healthy, informed food choices and to explore the contextual factors that influence eating habits and food choices.”

This means that kids learn about eating more fruit and vegetables, a balanced diet as well as food labelling, packaging and advertising. How fantastic that our kids are learning this important information at school. But let’s not leave this message in the classroom. It’s  even more powerful and meaningful when it is reinforced at home, in REAL LIFE.

What message are you giving your child when she learns at school that the best drink is water yet every day there is a sugary juice in her lunchbox? When he learns that takeaway is not the best option yet twice a week you get breakfast from McDonalds?

Recently on RFRY Facebook page I asked “ what’s the one thing about food you wish was taught at school?” .

The answers were loud and clear :

  • How eating real food helps you learn best and grow strong.
  • The effects of packaged food on brain development and mental health.
  • Where food actually comes from. How it grows, where it grows, in what seasons

What a great starting point for conversations with your own kids. If you’re not sure of the answers, find out together!

Most likely you read to your kids and perhaps even make them practise their times tables so why not include talking about food and nutrition?

Let’s not leave all the responsibility of teaching our kids life skills to their teachers.

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