Diet Shakes are Sh!t!

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September 27, 2017
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February 21, 2018
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Meal replacements shakes! I have to get this off my chest. It’s funny how things come up a lot and this week I have seen shakes everywhere.

Diet shakes are shit.

The company selling you those shakes are going to tell you that they are great and that it is all about looking after yourself and they want the best for you. You know what? They don’t give a crap about any of that, they just want you to sign up to their program.

And if you lose weight then cool, that will look good on their marketing. But if you are signing up to those programs it is likely that you have a problem with food and drinking a shake is not going to improve that relationship. Eating real food and working out your relationship with food with help you solve your issues with food. That’s the only real answer.

I have had so many women say to me they have been on shake programs and:
• They taste like shit
• They’re expensive
• It’s hard when you go out to dinner
• My kids don’t understand why I’m drinking a shake and they’re eating actual food

The only reason that you may lose weight while you are on a shake diet is because you are eating less. You don’t need shakes for that! You need to eat less food if you want to lose weight and that includes eating less real food.
But you know, in spite of what the shakes promos tell you, it’s not all about weight loss.

Yes, you can go on the shake and YAH! You’ve lost weight. You’ve lost 5.28 kgs or 11.19 kgs or 500 grams or whatever, but I’m only interested if you have GAINED SOME HAPPY.

The bottom line is the shakes companies are selling you a product. They are a multi-level marketing company that are selling you something to increase their bottom line. They want profits.
They are not selling you something to make you happy, they don’t care about your relationship with food. They are not concerned about what you actually need as a person.

As you know I’m aiming to bring the diet industry to its knees.
Not because it will bring me $7million, but because it will make women happy.
I want woman to be happy. I want women to actually ENJOY eating food.

I have yet to see or hear from a woman who is on a shakes program who is happy. If you are or know someone who is, please let me know.

In fact, if you are currently on a shakes program and would like to get off it, you can join the next Rubicon Project for a special SHAKE IT OFF price. Shake them Off, coz they are shit.

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