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About Kate

This is why Kate does what she does

Kate embraces real food and paddock to plate ethos, but her passion has been slowly evolving into Real Food, Real You.

Kate is a veterinarian, a teacher, a food consultant and a hockey tragic.

Kate is a farm girl at heart who resides in Geraldton, Western Australia. Her family are from a small town called Badgingarra, where her family still farm grain, sheep and cattle.

I have spent many years watching as women (mostly) become overwhelmed with what they should or shouldn’t be eating. Many years watching women stress themselves out going on and off diets, worrying about their weight and their bodies. I absolutely believe that the answer is not being on a diet or following a food trend. This so often turns into stress and guilt and sadness. Our obsession with “health” has made us lose track of the “happy” around food. It has made us have a hostile relationship with food instead of a happy one. That's why I believe we need to.
My daughter was nine when I started RFRY and she was starting to talk about having to do more exercise if she ate chocolate. She was asking me if she should worry about being fat. Can you believe that?
 A gorgeous tree-climbing, gymnastics-loving, book-reading totally normal nine year old girl worrying about being fat? It made me think what the hell we are doing to our daughters? Why is dieting and poor body image the norm? Why are we teaching them this?
My concern is around vulnerable, body-conscious women being tricked by marketing hype into believing they need to BUY a product to be happy.
I am so passionate about making change that I am a Global Ambassador for the Body Image Movement. I love food, I find it simple and fun and it makes me happy. 
I discovered that once I accepted my body, my weight has pretty much stayed the same for over 10 years (give or take a few pregnancies).

I wondered if I could help other women love food and love their bodies. 
It turns out I can. It turns out I am actually pretty good at it. 
It turns out I totally love helping women to make a positive difference to their lives through food.


What is it all about?

Kate is an ambassador for The Body Image Movement Global Ambassador Program (BIMGAP) which is a network of positive body image advocates around the world who are connected to, and in supportive of, the values and visions of The Body Image Movement.

As an ambassador, Kate’s focus on promoting the Body Image Movement’s values and vision to people in our community.

Kate is a positive role model to everyone by taking accountability of the language used in relation to our bodies and the body image communication shared with others. For more information visit the Body Image Movement.