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April 4, 2018
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April 22, 2018
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I don’t normally know a lot about music or singers and truth be told I listen to a lot more ABC Radio National than Spotify playlists!

But Taylor Swift is a bit of a favourite with my two girls and recently into-my-head-to-stay was her song “Bad Blood” which has a line “Bandaids don’t fix bullet holes”.  And then I had one of those middle of the night realisations … diet’s don’t work for that reason – you’re applying a bandaid over a bullet hole.

I often have said, and believe, that women are seeking the “Magic Bullet” or “Magic Pill” when it comes to weight loss. But a “bandaid” is exactly what diets are. They may give you temporary relief, but it isn’t going to fix something as big as a bullet hole. You need special treatment for that sort of injury right?? You don’t ask your dentist to fix your broken leg!

I was talking to someone recently. She had the ‘stomach sleeve’ operation a few years ago and is now around 150 kgs. Her stomach is back and she binge eats in the pantry where her kids cant see her. She is currently trying to conceive.

She needs to address her emotions around food. A bandaid is not going work. It’s not going to make her happy.

One of the women who completed the Rubicon Project with me earlier this year said “I’m like a new person. I cannot tell you how much working with Kate can ALTER your life.  No cons, no shakes, just ‘let’s get to the heart of why we do what we do!’.  My life has changed.  Please – don’t go on another diet. They don’t work.  Instead, please get in touch with Kate!”

So if you know someone who needs to rip the bandaid off, ask her to get in contact with me.  I’m so proud to say the Rubicon Project works. It’s not easy, it’s not always fun, but life on the other side is so much better.

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